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My name is Kay and I am the primary writer of Paws and Pines. This website is a source for inspiration on how to protect the environment, one small action at a time. If this is something that you’re interested in, I would love to have you join our community!

Our community is not specifically one of “vegans”, or “minimalists”, “fair-trade”, or “zero-waste”, but we are socially- and environmentally-minded individuals and you may find that we espouse similar principals in an attempt to be 1% better for the environment every single day.

The goal of this website is to suggest changes you could make to your life to promote sustainability and minimize your impact on this planet.

Doing so in a way that is green, minimalist, and chic.

I’m a very curious person who loves brainstorming + I’m a compulsive researcher. This means my blog posts  will cover a (seemingly) sporadic array of topics based on the questions that pop into my head. Fear not though, they will all somehow tie back to our environmental impact!

If you take 1 suggestion from 100 posts, I’ll be happy because 1 change is infinitely better than 0. Let me know what changes you make  – it’ll make my day to know I’ve impacted someone in a positive direction!

Connect soon,


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