About the Site

My name is Kay and I am the primary writer behind Paws and Pines.

I started this blog to share my experiences transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope my ideas and recommendations can inspire you to be more conscious of your everyday actions and decisions, and better understand how they impact our planet.

If this is something that you’re interested in, I would love to have you join our community, subscribe to the newsletter, and connect via social 🙂

What It Means to Live Sustainably

Living sustainably or “zero waste” is definitely not black and white.

There is no “line in the sand” where you’re either “zero waste” or you’re not. It’s a spectrum and YOUR progress can only be measured against where YOU were before.

You can’t compare yourself to what others are doing because everyone is in a unique situation. We are all going thru different life circumstances, living in different geographies, focusing on different angles of impact, and having access to different resources.

Our Goals

It’s not about “denying” yourself anything deemed a “non-necessity”. It’s about making more thoughtful choices.

The underlying goal of this website is to suggest pragmatic changes and smart alternatives you can make to minimize your environmental impact.

… And doing so in a way that’s green, minimalist, and chic 🙂

But our community is not specifically one of “vegans”, or “minimalists”, “fair-trade”, or “zero-waste”. We are socially- and environmentally-minded individuals and you may find that we espouse similar principals in an attempt to be 0.1% better for the planet every single day.

What The Blog Covers

I’m a very curious person who loves brainstorming + I’m a compulsive researcher. This means my blog posts will cover a (seemingly) sporadic array of topics based on the questions that pop into my head.

… one of the many benefits of having my own little place on the internet!

Fear not though, they will all somehow tie back to our environmental impact!

What I write about will naturally be influenced by what I care about and what I see.

With a dog and 2 cats, you’ll often find me writing about living with my pets. Having started this blog while in the Netherlands, you’ll find a bunch of articles on Amsterdam.

But in general, most of the articles are focused more broadly on making eco-friendly choices and substitutions. Explaining why I would prefer product A over product B. Simple tweaks you can make in your home and office. How to think about topics to make better-informed decisions.

And more!

But if you have any topic request, feel free to shoot me a note too!

Happy To Have You Here

If you take 1 suggestion from 100 posts, I’ll be happy because 1 change is infinitely better than 0.

Connect soon,


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