A Map to the Best Second-Hand Stores in Amsterdam

Second-hand stores, vintage shops, thrift stores in Amsterdam – whatever you call them, they all have one thing in common: a wide-ranging selection at unbeatable prices.

If you care about the planet, care about your bank account, and you’re in the Amsterdam area, you must take a look at all of these options – perfect for living zero waste in Amsterdam.

In the city alone, there are 35 amazing second-hand stores (and 57 in total that I’ve found)! If you’ve ever wondered where to shop in Amsterdam for amazing deals, are looking for more unique additions to your personal style or home decor, or are looking for a “souvenir” from the city that you’ll *actually* use, here is a map to the best vintage shops in Amsterdam.

Used Products - Osdorpplein Electronics Rank: 4
Kringloopwinkel Home Rank: 3 Thrift Store

Trompenburgstraat 24, 1079 TX Amsterdam

Marbles vintage & design amsterdam Accessories Men Rank: 4 Vintage Clothing

Van Slingelandtstraat 39, 1051 CG Amsterdam


Gideon Italiaander - Havenstraat Furniture Home Rank: 2.5 Thrift Store

Loods 1, Havenstraat 3, 1075 PR Amsterdam


Willem Roelofsstraat 2, 1062 JX Amsterdam


Eerste Van Swindenstraat 43, 1093 GC Amsterdam


Gideon Italiaander - Beethovenstraat Furniture Home Rank: 2.5 Thrift Store

Beethovenstraat 1, 1077 AL Amsterdam


Neef Louis Design Furniture Home Rank: 4
Gideon Italiaander - Zeeburgerstraat Furniture Home Rank: 2.5 Thrift Store

Zeeburgerstraat 6, 1018 AV Amsterdam


Papaverweg 23-25, 1032 KE Amsterdam

Onley Desirables Rank: 3.5 Vintage Clothing

Czaar Peterstraat 193, 1018 PL Amsterdam


Switch Bay Electronics Rank: 4.5

Prinsengracht 436, 1017 KE Amsterdam


Retro in & out Styles Costumes For Rent Rank: 2 Vintage Clothing

Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat 57, 1054 CR Amsterdam


Haarlemmerstraat 29, 1013 EJ Amsterdam


Episode - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat Accessories Rank: 4 Vintage Clothing

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 37H, 1017 DC Amsterdam


Carnaby Street Art Rank: 2 Vintage Clothing

Albert Cuypstraat 99, 1072 CR Amsterdam


Tommy Page Men Rank: 5
Episode - Waterlooplein Accessories Rank: 4 Vintage Clothing

Waterlooplein 1, 1011 NV Amsterdam


De Clercqstraat 97, 1053 AH Amsterdam


De Tweede Ronde Antiques Home Rank: 2

Kromme Waal 10-HS, 1011 BS Amsterdam


Episode - Berenstraat Accessories Rank: 4 Vintage Clothing

Berenstraat 1, 1016 GG Amsterdam


Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 7, 1015 SB Amsterdam


Brilman Design Antiques Furniture Home Rank: 5

31,, Zuiderzeeweg 29, 1095 KZ Amsterdam


Episode - Spuistraat Accessories Rank: 4 Vintage Clothing

Spuistraat 96, 1012 TZ Amsterdam


IJ Hallen Flea Market Flea Market Home Kids Rank: 3 Vintage Clothing

Tt. Neveritaweg 15, 1033 WB Amsterdam


Oudemanhuispoort Book Market Books Rank: 4

CN, Oudemanhuispoort, 1012 Amsterdam

Vintage Eyewear Accessories Rank: 4

Eerste Lindendwarsstraat 1, 1015 LE Amsterdam


Antiekcentrum Amsterdam Antiques Art Home Rank: 5
The Exchange Corner Kids Men Rank: 3 Vintage Clothing

Maasstraat 146, 1079 BK Amsterdam


Jutka & Riska - Bilderdijkstraat New Clothing Rank: 4.5 Vintage Clothing

Bilderdijkstraat 194, 1053 LE Amsterdam


Eerste Oosterparkstraat 236, 1091 HM Amsterdam


Bij Ons Vintage - Reestraat Men Rank: 3 Vintage Clothing

Reestraat 13, 1016 DM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ceintuurbaan 378, 1073 EM Amsterdam

Jutka & Riska - Haarlemmerdijk New Clothing Rank: 4.5 Vintage Clothing

Haarlemmerdijk 143, 1013 KG Amsterdam


Used Products - Kamerlingh Onneslaan Electronics Rank: 4

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 22b, 1097 DG Amsterdam


Bij Ons Vintage - Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Men Rank: 3 Vintage Clothing

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150, 1012 SJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam Vintage Watches Accessories Men Rank: 4.5
Used Products - Prins Hendrikkade Electronics Rank: 4
Ceintuur's Gebruikte Goederen Home Rank: 4.5

Ceintuurbaan 446, 1074 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Throw away your old stereotypes about second hand. If you’ve ever thought that you don’t shop there for clothes because they’ll be outdated, clearly you haven’t visited VENTEN. If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t furnish a home with second-hand items because you don’t have time to browse through a disorganized mess, you need to check out one of the several Rataplan stores around the city.

Have any other concerns? I’m more than happy to recommend a suitable store on my list to shatter your stereotypes! Or take a look at the map yourself =)

A rack of clothes with text overlay: a complete map to thrift stores in Amsterdam
Why Shop Second Hand

  • Find unique, vintage goods
  • A thrill of the hunt: find the right thrift shop and it’s like shopping through your personal museum
  • It’s environmentally friendly: you’re giving an item a second life instead of using new/virgin resources and expending energy on manufacturing and transportation
  • Support your local businesses
  • The better your local thrift stores are doing, the more likely they’ll be able to purchase your unused items as well and you can make some money with items that you no longer use
  • Selection usually changes daily, instead of seasonally in retail stores
  • Support a good cause: many thrift stores have related social missions related to developing the community
  • When visiting a city, I love to purchase 1 item of clothing so I think back on my time there every time I wear it

How to Read the Map

The map is a complete listing of all the thrift stores in Amsterdam. I have categorized them between type and my personal ranking.

Category types:

  • Vintage Clothing: women’s second-hand clothing
  • Accessories: women’s fashion accessories (i.e. handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Home: home goods (i.e. smaller goods for the home, excluding furniture, like light fixtures and kitchen accessories)
  • Men: men’s second-hand clothing and accessories
  • Thrift store: stores that truly have the feel of a gigantic yard sale with less organization than other options
  • Kids: kid’s clothing and accessories
  • Furniture: furniture (i.e. tables, chairs, and larger home goods)
  • Antiques: various items from a different generation
  • Electronics: electronic items like laptops, mobile phones, and camera
  • New Clothing: some shops also take a bit of space to sell their own brand
  • Gala: fancy clothes
  • Costumes: for if you’ve ever wanted to dress up like an elephant or a superhero
  • Flea Market: a market with various vendors selling all types of items; usually open to price negotiation
  • For Rent: clothing and accessories available for rent
  • Art: decorations for your home
  • Kids Toys
  • Tailor Services: a tailor is on-site to make any alterations needed for your finds
  • Bridal: wedding dresses and accessories
  • Books

Paws and Pines Ranking

I’ve selected a “ranking” for each store between 1 and 5 (5 being my favorites) as an initial attempt to provide a general sense of the shop offerings. Of course, these rankings are based on my own personal preference so you may actually love a store that I’ve ranked a 2. However, in general, stores that have a more chic and organized feel to them and have a varied and revolving section will receive my higher ranking.

How to Use the Map

Initially, the map will be set to the “Default View”, which includes every store on the map. Click the filters at the top right to choose any categories that you want to specifically view (by category or by ranking):

map of thrift stores in Amsterdam

You can them zoom in and out of the map depending on your location and the options available. Hovering over a location pin will give you the store name and category types. Clicking on a location pin will open up a light box with more information, including a link to the website and Google Maps directions.

Additionally, below the map is a list of all the stores that will match your current filtered category selection. Click on a store name and you will find the website and Google Maps directions.

Second Hand Amsterdam

I hope this map gives you good information about where to shop in Amsterdam. Browsing through thrift stores in Amsterdam is super fun. Whether you’re looking for something specific, or you just want to see what unique items you can find, with 57 options in the city, you’re bound to find a new favorite item.

Be good to the planet, do good for the community, and keep your bank account high – shop second-hand as your first choice. And let me know what gems you find!

A rack of clothes with text overlay: a complete map to thrift stores in Amsterdam

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